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  1. Maybe wait more than a day, and good luck getting dev.
  2. also i have tons of work experience with physical servers, and all minecarft stuff, bugs, dupes etc , even some mojang doesn't even know
  3. Minecraft Username: BigBossMan604 Previous Minecraft Usernames: BigBossMan604 Age:14 Timezone: PST Discord name and tag: BigBossMan604#1032 Do you have access to a working microphone? yes i do. Do you have the ability to record Minecraft videos? yes i can at a solid 60 fps How much time can you contribute to being a staff member? 2-3 hours per day weekends i can do more. Have you ever been banned or punished on our server? i accidentally advertised once How long have you been a member of Legend Realms? Very long like when the first prison server was a thing. Do you have any previous staff experience? If so please explain: im co-owner for arctulus network, owner of "the bosses" and i did some work for G-flux Why do you want to become a staff member? i have A LOT of experience of well being staff and a dev. Why do you believe we should choose you over the other applicants? I have lots of experience of minecraft, and all bugs hacks, dupes, etc. I sitll know ones that mojang doesn't even know of, that are still in the game. SCENARIO: You are dealing with players constantly messaging you with questions, you can barely keep up with chat. You are getting messaged by 2 players asking you to get a moderator because there is a hacker. A few seconds later someone is on Discord telling you there is a member blasting loud music in a voice channel. What do you do? first step: make a list second step: do what is the most important like in this case I mute the bot in the channel step numero 3: consult with another staff member about the hacker, and punish according to rules. step 4 tell the ppl in the chat that ur back. SCENARIO: You punished a player for breaking the rules, later to find out this player was innocent and you falsely punished that player. You have 3 members on the server spamming you to un-punish this player telling you that you falsely punished the player. What do you do? -1 tell the owner what happened (Lol) 1 un-ban the poor person 2 tell the 3 players that I unbanned the poor player, if they continue to abuse me i will contact staff/owner. Anything else you'd like to share with us? i like cookies and work and to be treated nice! I'm from Canada so I'm nice 😄