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  1. Thank you for your interest however you need to be more active on the server before we can make a decision. You may reapply in 7 days from when this response has been submitted.
  2. Thank you for your interest however I am going to have to deny this application. It lacks detail and effort. You may reapply in 7 days from when this response has been submitted.
  3. Thank you for your interest however at this time we cannot accept you. You may reapply in 7 days.
  4. Hello, thank you for your interest however based off your current view counts we cannot offer you Youtube rank. Please feel free to record on our server without it!
  5. Username: What rule(s) did you break? When were you punished? What was the punishment? Why do you deserve to be unpunished?
  6. Your username: Username of the player(s) you are reporting: Rule(s) that were broken: Evidence (use for screenshots, youtube for video): Anything else you want to share:
  7. Youtuber Application Format: Requirements: You must have posted at least one video on Legend Realms. Must have Minecraft related videos. Must have at least 10 videos. Must have at least 100 subscribers. Minecraft Username: Age: Timezone: Discord name and tag: Have you ever been banned or punished on our server? How many subscribers do you have? Please provide a link to your Youtube channel: Anything else you'd like to share with us?
  8. Moderator Application Format: Requirements: You must be 13 years of age or older. You must have a Discord account and a working microphone. Minecraft Username: Previous Minecraft Usernames: Age: Timezone: Discord name and tag: Do you have access to a working microphone? Do you have the ability to record Minecraft videos? How much time can you contribute to being a staff member? Have you ever been banned or punished on our server? How long have you been a member of Legend Realms? Do you have any previous staff experience? If so please explain: Why do you want to become a staff member? Why do you believe we should choose you over the other applicants? SCENARIO: You are dealing with players constantly messaging you with questions, you can barely keep up with chat. You are getting messaged by 2 players asking you to get a moderator because there is a hacker. A few seconds later someone is on Discord telling you there is a member blasting loud music in a voice channel. What do you do? SCENARIO: You punished a player for breaking the rules, later to find out this player was innocent and you falsely punished that player. You have 3 members on the server spamming you to un-punish this player telling you that you falsely punished the player. What do you do? Anything else you'd like to share with us?
  9. We will be releasing March 1st at 1PM EST! Don't miss out!

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    General Server Rules: Chargeback/Payment Disputes Example: Charging back or disputing a payment to Legend Realms. Evading Punishments Example: Using an alt to avoid a ban. Hacking, Cheating or using Blacklisted Modifications. Example: Using a hacked client, using an x-ray texture pack, using a macro. This also includes using anything to give you an unfair competitive advantage. Exploiting and Bug Abuse Example: Using a bug to gain extra money, items, etc. (If you find an exploit or bug, report it to a staff member right away.) Inappropriate Usernames, Skins, Capes Example: This can include but is not limited to inappropriate words, racism, sexism, inappropriate terms/phrases, nudity, etc. VPN's or Proxies No use of VPN's or Proxies. Scamming Is Allowed However scamming in real life money or anything in real life is not allowed. TP Traps Teleportation traps are not allowed. Common Sense If you think you shouldn't be doing something, don't do it. Ask a staff member if you have a question about the rules. Server Chat Rules: Threats DDos/Dox threats to either the server or players. No form of threats at all towards any player for any reason. Inappropriate Discussions Discussions relating to suicide, no inappropriate messages. Spamming/Flooding or Sending Duplicate Messages Example: Sending repetitive messages. Falsely Reporting Players Example: Reporting a player for hacking even if you know they aren't hacking. Encouraging Rule Breaking Example: Encouraging other players to break the rules. Advertising No intentionally advertising any other Minecraft server in any way or on any platform. No advertising at all. You are allowed to advertise a video or stream if it is Legend Realms related. Toxicity Be kind to all players and staff, any form of toxicity is not allowed. Impersonation Do not impersonate staff. Links No posting links anywhere, in-game, forums, discord, etc. Unless it's official Legend Reams links. Selling In-Game Items for In Real Life Money or a Product, Service Selling in-game items in return for such as money, a product, service in real life is not allowed. Harassment No harassing other players or staff. Personal Information No giving out personal information of a player without permission from that player. Forum Rules: No excessive profanity. No posting NSFW. No spamming pointless topics. No spamming ban appeals, staff applications or related. No ban evading. Be friendly and non toxic.
  11. Full list of allowed modifications to use on Legend Realms. If I missed a mod or you think a mod should be added to this list feel free to message me. Assume that any mod/client not listed below is NOT allowed. Also note it is possible for some modifications to get you BANNED on Legend Realms. For example mods like Printer and InventoryTweaks. These mods automatically make you move/move items in your inventory and you will be automatically banned for using them! Allowed Modifications: Optifine Shaders LabyMod 5Zig Minimaps that DO NOT display player locations. Armor HUD Direction HUD Potion effect HUD Toggle Sneak Toggle Sprint Cape mods TwitchChat mod Team speak integration mods. Replay mod. bspkrsCore FastChat Keystrokes mod PlayerAPI Resourcepack oraganizers ShinyPots TcpNoDelayMod TabbyChat Discord Integration Mod Prplz MemoryFix Prplz MouseDelayFix Cps Display Mod TimeChanger 1.7 animations mod Crosshair mod Schematica (Using printer will get you banned.) Clients Hyperium Client [note: using a build b12 or lower will get you banned, please update.] Badlion Client Zonix Client CosmicClient Cheatbreaker Client OCMC Lunar Client